The uses and applications of IoT together with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are so wide that one cannot name a single domain that hasn’t got impacted by it. Since IoT is just an umbrella term referring to any device that can connect to and communicate with the Internet, it could theoretically cover just about any physical domain. Syslogyx has the expertise to turn any Thing/Object into a Smart one. We have developed a wide range of IoT products across various domains that has transformed the way people work.


Network-connected devices exchange information and initiate actions


Devices communicate among themselves by sending and receiving useful information


Allows seeing the real time data and taking actions


Devices can be controlled and managed from a remote operations center

left_ Making your dumb appliances talk to you!!! right_


Syslogyx has the expertise to turn a traditional, conventional factory into a smart, connected and intelligent one with Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence incorporated in it which helps to improve quality, safety, productivity in an industry. Syslogyx has delivered customized IIoT solutions that can automate, manage and co-ordinate many things and increase the efficiency of any manufacturing company by enabling predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, power management, resource management, inventory management, fleet tracking etc

Our IIoT solution enables visibility in manufacturing to the point where each unit of production can be seen at each step in the production process making it highly responsive and organized

  • Directly Talks to ERP Software :  thus, no manual data entry required
  • Effective management of manufacturing :  by giving real time production data
  • Smarter work : since everything is connected
  • Visibility in each step in manufacturing process :  by giving consistent oversight through app interface (HMI)
  • Efficient, productive and smarter factories and plants than their non-connected counterparts :  by merging physical and digital worlds
  • Machines predict maintenance time:  which in turn increases machine lifetime and uptime
  • Smart tracking of raw materials :  by adding RFIDs and QR codes in them

left_ Turning a conventional industrial production to connected,
intelligent manufacturing through smart factory.


  • Merger of physical and digital worldMerger of physical and digital world
  • Machine to machine communicationMachine to machine communication
  • Predictive maintenancePredictive maintenance
  • Remote monitoringRemote monitoring
  • Increased machine uptimeIncreased machine uptime
  • Real time production dataReal time production data
  • Eradication of offline factory operationsEradication of offline factory operations
  • Raw material trackingRaw material tracking

Challenges Addressed, Efficiency Increased

An IIoT empowered factory where all the challenges and loopholes in the manufacturing process are addressed and thereby the overall efficiency is increased

Ideas Transformed into Reality

Slide thumbnail
  • This system is designed for executing the TBM (Time Based
    Maintenance) activity in a smarter way.
  • It monitors the life of each & every part of a machine using a
    specially developed smart hardware and keeps the user updated
    over PC software.
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  • Smart JH System is used to conduct daily JH (Jishu Hozen) activity
    using a PC based software and an Embedded unit.
Slide thumbnail
  • Smart Factory is being developed for live tracking of the production
    process and make the real time data available for management.

left_ To take the advantage of the efficiency and new business
enabled by IoT/IIoT, go ‘Smart’.

Industries that we have served

  • AutomobileAutomobile
  • SteelSteel
  • FoodFood
  • MiningMining


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